Cartridge Heater

HAKKO Ultra-five Cartridge Heater
-- upto for a Genuine Manmade Satellite --

  Excellent in heating efficiency, durability, insulation and long life.
Well Experienced and High quality Heaters by HAKKO Electro-Heat Technologies.

o Sheath diameter: 3.1mm - 20mm
o Type, size: HL / SL, mm / Inch size
o Option: Right-angled shape, w/Internal thermocouple & flange

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Cartridge immersion heater

  For water heating, setting space free and compact use.

o Sheath material: SUS316L stainless steel, Copper
o Wattage: 500W - 5kW

  Silicone rubber heater

Silicone rubber heater -- any shape as you want --

  Flexible,thin and surface type heater, made from Ni-Cr heat elements covered with silicone rubber reinforced with glass fiber.

o Size: 25mm x 50mm - 500mm x 3000mm
o Thickness: 1.5mm
o Operating temperatures: 200 degrees C
o Max. temperature: 250 degrees C
Rubber heater for drum / pale can

  Simple one touch fixing with temperature controller, Useful for high viscosity and coagulating liquids.

o Setting temperature: 30 - 80 degrees C

  Nozzle heater

Micro ring heater

  Heater wound outside with saikan® heater.

o Inner diameter: 28mm - 65mm
o Wattage: 160W - 270W
o Heater sheath material: SUS316L stainless steel
Custom nozzle heater

  Superior heating upto 400 degrees C at nozzle
  Custom made: Max 800 degrees C on request

o Inner diameter: 10mm - 60mm
o Wattage: 220W - 1.27kW
o Heater sheath material: SUS316L stainless steel
o Inner material: Copper

  Far-infrared Rays heater


  On the surface of high nickle metal sheath Heater, the special ceramic coating is designed to radiate far infrared rays, which are absorbable evenly on objects.

o Wattage: 300W - 3kW
o Sheath diameter: 6.5mm - 15mm
o Heater sheath material: NCF800
o Reflector material: Aluminum

  Saikan® heater

  Easy winding and bending fabrication. -- tiny diameter of heater sheath.

o Sheath diameter: 1.6mm - 4.8mm
o Sheath material: SUS316 stainless steel, NCF600
o Option: Hermetic seal, Waterproof mold