Heating plate

Round shape heating plate

  Excellent in temperature uniformity and the best for semiconductor processing.

o Use atmosphere: Vacuum, Ambient
o Material: A5052 aluminum
o Diameter: 180mm - 330mm
Square shape heating plate

  Multipurpose usage : ex flat panel display processing.

o Material: A5052 aluminum, SUS304 stainless steel
Hot plate DEMO

  Best suitable for many kinds of experiments, compact combination of hot plate with high accurate temp. controller.

o Plate size: 250 x 150 (mm)
o Plate material: A5052 aluminum
o Wattage: 800W
o Setting temperature: 0 - 400 degrees C
Vacuum Hot PRO

  In order to ensure its process, an object sucked on the plate can be heated for precise duration settled.

o Plate size: 200 x 200 (mm)
o Plate material: SUS304 stainless steel
o Wattage: 1.8kW
o Setting temperature: 0 - 500 degrees C

  Hot air beam®

Hot air beam®

  Hakko's hot air beam is the heater for air heating, equipped with saikan® heater or cartridge heater, as an excellent heating element in high temperature durability.

o Material: stainless steel
o Max air temperature: 600 degrees C
o Wattage: 450W - 1.5kW
o Controller: Exclusive controller 2 types
Hot air beam controller

  Specialized controller for fluid volume and temperature of hot air beam.

o Type: common type, special type

  Liquid heating unit

Water heating unit

  For heating of flowing water measured heating energy can be added with few setting space.

o Wattage: 2kW - 15kW
o Setting temperature: 30 - 80 degrees C
Oil heating unit

  For easy temperature control of oil circulated in machinery.

o Wattage: 1kW - 5kW
o Setting temperature: 30 - 120 degrees C

  Heat cut

   Cutter for artificial fibers and resign films.

o Proof for getting frayed at cut edge.
o Long life tool, made with a super harden alloy.